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Oskar Kujawski

Dr. Oskar Kujawski is in charge of the Geneva based Eustachian Tube Institute. His international expertise in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery is world known. He focuses his efforts on Eustachian tube management (ENT Surgery).

Today, many illnesses (such as Otitis Media in children and in adults, some deafness’s and tinnitus, Patulous Eustachian tube with autophonia, dizziness and hyperacousia, air traveling and diving ears problems) may now be resolved.

Being the first world specialist to develop Eustachian tube surgery, he is inventor of specific surgical instruments to this field. This leader position pushes him to publish in international journals and book, and to teach this revolutionary surgery around the world, through international courses organized in Geneva as abroad.

He is official instructor in the American Academy of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, and President elected of the international Eustachian tube standing committee in European Academy of Otology and Neuro Otology. In order to aware people to these new approaches for so many illness till today not resolved, he put the first interactive web site on this topic on Internet ; designated for physicians, parents, children's, divers and air travelers who regularly suffer.


Anatomy and physiology are a part of the oldest branches of medicine. The Eustachian tube is one of the most complicated structures in the human body.

The first reports date back to ancient Egyptian times (Ebers, Papyrus 1600 BC). The conviction that Eustachian tube is a link / bridge between nose and ears and play a fundamental role for the good functioning of the ear led Otologists, consulted by the patients, to describe and to propose premises of therapeutic and diagnostic management. Eustachius Bartolommeo (1510-1574) made the first description of this auditory canal that bears his name (original anatomical drafts of Eustachius).



However, many other pioneers brought there knowledge and discoveries as Alcmaeon, Duverney, Valsalva, Von Tröltsch, Rich, Politzer, Toynbee, Bonnafont, Roure, etc... They were all otologist, oriented to the ear. But the fundamental physiological key of Eustachian tube is “Dynamic”. It was discovered and proved only few years ago (Kujawski, Poe). The heart of this real dynamic system seems to be situated in the median third of the cartilaginous portion, named the tubal valve.

Your plane is going to land in Geneva and your seat belt is well fasted? Do you become deaf? Do you start ears pain? Swallow, yawning or sucking a candy is not sufficient to clear them? Your children has its third otitis this winter, or his teacher pretends that he is deaf? A common guilty : the Eustachian tubes. The audition of a noise comparable to the bruising of a tissue paper while, swallowing or yawning indicates their opening. Much more than a duct joining ear to nose, this complex organ ensures pressures balance in your ears in order to guarantee an optimal hearing during day and night, by plane or during a commonplace cold. This dysfunction generates ear infections (otitis), deafness, tinnitus and even dizziness.


To break the antibiotics vicious circle to ensure yours or your child’s hearing we can now approach a new preventive and curative solution of all tubal dysfunctions, common and complex, at the origin to these middle ear disease. In cases of acute otitis, recurrent otitis media with or without effusion and some dizziness in the Ménières syndrome surgical puncture of the eardrum, with or without setting up of a ventilation tube or grommet can be now avoided. Several tinnitus may be secondary to a tubal dysfunction as well as some acute or sudden deafness.